Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.

A cult of art lovers, who promote contemporary artists and modern art.

Our Cult

Our cult can only be as strong as our people; our team works relentlessly to keep the spirit of contemporary art alive and promote the greatest talent we believe in.
We value courage, the reformation of the message, and a wild spirit.


Artists are at the heart of what we do. We promote them, present their message to the world and assist in achieving a world-wide success. We publish critical commentaries on various works, take care of social media promotion and assists the artist to make a decent living.


Liberty and Integrity. We say things from the heart. Being an artists means fighting your inner demons to align with your expanding soul.

In line with Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gombrich and Kant.

We keep the books and do the paperwork when it comes to selling. We will also show you a few clever tricks to close better deals on your works.

Make a living from art selling

Our People

ZYCH ART CULT_Easy-Resize.com-2

Cult Co-Founder

Wojciech Zych

Art Admirer & Entrepreneur. Organist & Pianist. In love with J.S. Bach & Frederick Chopin.

SIERON - NOWE_skalowacz_pl

Artcu_lt Manager

Maja Sieroń

An admirer of all forms of art. Painter & Model. Interior design lover.


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sebastian Portka

Fallen Artist & Entrepreneur.

Karolina Warmuz

Art-Hub Manager

Karolina Warmuz

Music understander, admirer and maker. Viola & Piano player. Creativity-spreader and inspiration-seeker.

Mariusz Kuchta

Website Manager

Mariusz Kuchta

Code Composer. Website designer and creator. Graphic artist.

AB - New_skalowacz_pl

Art Cult FB Manager

Ania Brancewicz

We communicate quickly.

and simply.